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The Ruins of Solara

On the northern shore of the largest of The Amethyst Isles ; close to the small village of Storm's Way , lies the Ruins of Solara.   A large section of the clifftops overlooking the Sea of Whispers is scoured completely clear of all vegetation and soil. Embedded in the remaining rocky outcrop are the remains of several large towers of an unknown and decidedly ancient design. Their architecture has mystified explorers and archaeologists since the site's discovery. Many of the towers seem to rise out of the rock itself, with no detectable seam, although surely they have been built and not carved.   Very little is known about the ruin. Even it's name, Solara, was recently discovered on an ancient broken tablet found at the site.   Archaeologists from the Vallanna Explorer's Guild have conducted many expeditions to the ruins over the years. None have yet determined the purpose of the site, but estimates of it's age range from 1500 to 3000 years old. Until more artefacts or information can be discovered however, these will remain at best, educated guesses.  

The Truth of Solara

  In reality, the towers are merely the only visible remains of the ancient city of Solara, destroyed in 244 AoAM by another ancient magocratic kingdom, with whom they were at war. This destruction was carried out through the use of an apocalyptic arcane ritual, known as 'The Eye Of Contempt', performed at the remote El'Alcar Tower.   The ritual not only destroyed the nation state of which Solara was capital of, but sundered the very peninsula on which it sat; carving out The Grand Rift, and shattering the land itself, much of which sunk into the sea, leaving only what is now known as The Amethyst Isles. It was this great magical attack which was to give the islands their name, as the excess arcane energies saturated the lands and created much of the resonant purple gems which can be now found throughout them.   Unbeknownst to generations of explorers, archaeologists and even tourists, the majority of the ancient city lies mostly intact, sealed below the surface of a thick rock dome, which formed over the city's final remaining arcane defensive shield at the height of the ritual attack, as the very land itself was reshaped. The towers visible above the surface are only the most sturdy of Solaran construction and were tall enough to protude from the defensive shield, which was only intended as a last-ditch defensive measure.

Purpose / Function

The original purpose and design of the site remains a mystery to those now living. Some have commented that the layout of the towers must form some sort of arcane pattern as yet undetermined, although as with many theories about the site, this is not based on much in the way of concrete evidence. That said though, the arcane nature of the towers construction is undeniable due to the complexity of their design and the great age of the site.   The towers themselves do not have any entryways at ground level; a fact that has further mystified archaeologists investigating the site. Access to the towers has been gained through upper level windows or through collapsed roofs, but progress down to lower levels has not been made.


The remains of the towers are all constructed from stone, although the smooth, ornate curves and ornamentations belie an original style very different from other architecture in the Amethyst Isles, and indeed modern Vallanna itself. Much of the ornamentation on these towers has been destroyed over the years; either through simple neglect, or worn away by the elements.


The site has become something of a pilgrimage spot for many, as an iconic and mysterious location of Vallana's past. It has drawn generations of scholars, archaeologists and mages, curious to uncover its secrets, to no avail. The picturesque coastal setting, on the northernmost coast of The Amethyst Isles has also drawn those of a less academic mind, keen simply to experience the ambiance and spectacular views of the site.
244 AoAM
Acropolis / Citadel


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