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Sutol Derei

Purpose / Function

Sutol Derei was an underground temple designed Mone naming rituals and for religious ceremonies. It's main purpose is to be the bridge between the Mone and the God, Orel.


Every time a new Mone is named, a new statue is made and added to the lineup.


Sutol Derei is carved into the stone of a very large series of caves and interlocking tunnels. The entrance has big door way in front decorated in geometric patterns resembling the LAO language that glow with O-Radiation.

The interior is a spectacle. Every part of it is decorated in LAO, telling the story of Oratic Crystal and the purpose of the Mone. The floor has had geometric chunks carved out of it and filled in with smooth pieces of Oratic Crystal that glows with excess O-Radiation. The walls and ceiling also have chunks of stone replaced with crystal, but they are fewer and further between to resemble stars in the night sky, something the People of Ore don't have because they live underground.

Ceiling are tall and the chamber echoes. Statues of former Mona stand in a line longways down the central corridor with two fronts and no backs so that they all watch both sides of the hall. Their eyes, lips, and nails are all made out of Oratic Crystal and glow just like the pieces in the floor, walls, and ceiling, and their faces are decorated with geometric marking similar to the ones of the door, but not directly related to LAO. At the end of the corridor is a another large door that leads onto a balcony the overlooks a massive underground pocket of water that is highly O-Radioactive. It is much clearer from this side that it is carved into the stone because it seamless transitions back into the cavern walls along the edges of the temple itself. Every part of the temple was carved out of the same mass of stone and nothing was added afterwards aside the doors. Usually, the People of Ore would use curtains instead, but used doors for the temple to make it harder to enter.

Over time, greenery had begun to form in and around the base of the walls and statues.


"Sutol Derei" is derived from "Sutole e Dere" or "Temple of the Capital". Located near "Sutol Prai" which is derived from "Sutole e Praile" or "City of the Capital", Sutol Derei was designed as a way for Mona to communicate with the God Orel. Technically the full name of the temple is "Sutol Derei e Orel".

Only Mona, the leaders of the People of Ore, and their Malora, advisers, are allowed in the temple as a right of passage. A potential Mone has to make it through the winding maze-like tunnels that lead to the chamber, something only a Mone should be able to do because of their notably strong Oratic Sensitivity. There is Oratic Crystal embedded in the ceilings of the tunnels that lead to the temple and the potential Mone should be able to feel them. It isn't enough crystal for a normal Person of Ore to sense. Once they get to the temple, they have to get inside by solving a puzzle on the door that allows it to be open. This is less about the Oratic Sensitivity or abilities of the Mone, but instead if they've been trusted with the answer by their family. Lastly, they need to walk through the temple and exit onto the balcony, where they must dive into the Oratic water and fetch a crystal from the bottom of lake to get their third name.

Once a Mone has cemented themself, they may hire sculptors to reproduce them as a sculpture that the Mone would have to bring to the temple alone.

The temple was abandoned after Achroma nearly exterminated the People of Ore. There was no Mone and no people for that Mone to rule. Sutol Derei was the only thing to remain standing post-genocide because Achroma agents believed the tunnels leading there were all dead ends since that's all they were ever met with. The cave was sealed and, along with it, the temple was lost.
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location
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