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Alwaq Alddayie

Rising above the vast sand dunes like a shark in the sand, the center tower in the Palace of Alwaq Alddayie, once a grand advanced city thought to have been smitten by the gods for being to arrogant.

Purpose / Function

Alwaq Alddayie was a very selective and gated off city to the rest of the world, it appears to have been a highly scientific society that was a home of the great minds of its time, it appears to have been a cradle of science in its prime.


In its prime the advanced city of Alwaq Alddayie was a grand and smooth city with tower buildings often adorned with gold and iron, but as time went on the city lost its luster and now after countless centuries the ruins left the city tarnished by sand and with a lack of color, most of the tall buildings have fallen and crumbled, all but the great tower located in the Palace.


The buildings and structures of Alwaq Alddayie are very smooth and there was and excess of arches, the majority of the building were tall and narrow giving the city an almost metal forest look. Even though the city was located in the desert, they appeared to have had access to a large amount of water due to the fact that the city was laden with miles and miles of canals, apparently used for travel.


The city was originally build before the Awakening and was left in ruin before the Awakening as well, there have been multiple attempted excavation but all of these expeditions have ended in mystery with either no one or only a few people leaving the ruins, those who left were at a loss for what happened in these ruins, all left with a blank memory.

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