Freedom's Rampart

Freedom's Rampart was a mighty fortress - built with the apex of architectural and technological power of Imperium of Karadia during its history, near the end of Middle Empire Period, with the construction finished during early years of Great Karadian War. It was created to protect Diretian Freedom from threat of Chaos Lords, the worse part of local religion.

Purpose / Function

It was made to surround the Chaos Gate - a location which connects Gates of Eternity with what little remains of ancient world of Diretians, now fully controlled by Chaos Lords - with walls and separated bulwarks that together form massive pentagram, a protective symbol that was supposed to weaken chaotic influences seeping through the Gate, weakening Lords power in Light.   The fortress itself was to be staffed with three full legions of war automata together with approximately ten thousand soldiers and a wide variety of servile daemons, which was deemed to be enough to repel at least initial assault, giving Diret time to organize defense. It was also supposed to succesfully contain day-to-day threats of stray daemons.


Fortress defense was severaly weakened after the end of Great Karadian War, when automatas were mostly scrapped. This allowed Chaos fortress to capture it with minimal resistance during the beginning of Fourteenth Chaos War. Its defenders were slaughtered and the fortress mostly ruined.   It was heavily irradiated with magic due to Chaos Gate proximity. It caused Chaos daemons (singular and in most cases quite weak) to enter Reality. It is practically a weak magical anomaly, together with a vast number of undead former defenders. Which makes rebuilding it rather troublesome and probably impossible at least for now.



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