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The Fortress of Gyldarstrond, in the north of the Kingdom of Kjörnsholm was once one of the seats of Kjörnsholm's ruling family, but was destroyed during the war of succession between the current Queen Evelina and her brother Lokis.   Gyldarstrond had been gifted to Lokis as his fortress and base of operations so that he could conduct his business as Guardian of the Northern Provinces, and it became the centre of his rebellion after his elder sister was crowned Queen of Kjörnsholm in 520S.E. After three years of bitter civil war, Lokis and his forces were pushed back to make their last stand at Gyldarstrond, and after a prolonged siege and assault, the mighty fortress was destroyed and has remained a ruin to this day.

Purpose / Function

Gyldarstrond was originally built to provide a bastion in the north of Kjörnsholm against the tribal peoples of Stäpplandskap, but following Stäpplandskap integration into Kjörnsholm as a semi-independent province, Gyldarstrond became the centre of operations for the newly created position of Guardian of the Northern Provinces, and the administrative centre of the north of the Kingdom.


Gyldarstrond was built specifically to be a defensive structure, and its architecture reflects that. The whole structure is surrounded by a thick outer curtain wall that surrounds the administrative, mercantile, production and living areas of the fortress, with a second curtain wall providing an additional level of protection and also surrounded the keep itself.   Almost all of the buildings that made up the fortress structure wee built with thick stone walls, small windows and numerous integrated defensive features such as murder-holes, loop-holes and archery platforms.
Alternative Names
The Serpent's Fortress
Owning Organization

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