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The Red Sunset Spire

The Red Sunset Spire is a tower in the center of Sunset Lake. It once was a magical device used to protect the country, but now is dormant and in disrepair.

Purpose / Function

The tower created to have a centralized location for the magician of the country to protect the lake from invasion after Dantus's defeat. This group was called the Red Sunset Mystics dedicated to magical protective wards and spells. The tower was their headquarters and a powerful defense system. When activated the tower produced a large magical shield of the lake and surrounding areas.


It was converted to an archaeological site in 2834 for the possibly to rebuild the tower's capabilities due to the Imperium's conquest to the north. Now wooden scaffolding lines the outer shell with even more inside to prevent the tower's collapse. Many researchers and historians travel here to study the mystics and the beauty of the tower.


White marble is used to construct this monument. It's in the shape of a perfect circle and stands 1,200 feet tall. At the top is a large purple gem with an impressive apparatus used to produce the shield. At the base is a beautiful garden with flora from all over the world here.


Histroically it was constructed as a defense against Dantus during his rise, but was never completed before he invaded the region. It was not till after his defeat that the tower was finished by the Red Sunset Mystics. The tower last for a few hundred under their control before the order's collapse in 1229. They were replaced by government officials which lead to it's eventually collapse in 1474. At this point the tower fell into disrepair due to lack of maintenance and capable workers to maintain it. It was abandoned and now used for research and historical study.

Room, Tower, Wizard
Parent Location
Sunset Lake

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