Lower bath house

Plenty of bathhouses exist on Padun, but the greatest of them all is lost to the sands of time.

While the bathhouse wasn't particularly lavish, it was a huge establishment. It contained multiple large swimming pools. Some with cold water, some with warm water. There were a few hot tubs as well.

Built deep down, in the lowest parts of Caleih, the so called lower bathhouse was constructed to solve the issue of deceases spreading among those living on the lower floors of the city.

The reason for why the bathhouse wasn't constructed earlier was simply because the technology wasn't mature enough to pump all the filthy water away quickly enough. Once the technology became available and the price had fallen a little, plans were immediately drafted for the lower bath house.

That said, the clean water needed came from one of two sources. Either from a hot spring located near the bottom of the city, or it is piped down from the surface.

However, that was a long time ago. Now time has started to wear the place down. There is only water coming from the hot spring and it is not being taken care of, because the passive systems have been clogged up. The floor is covered with dust and you can only hear the echoes of your own footsteps bouncing of the dirty, broken walls that are covered with mould.

If you walk along the pipes beneath the pools, the smell of rust and decay could knock you unconscious.

Purpose / Function

Built to be a marvel of science, while being very useful to prevent sickness.

Alternative Names
The great baths


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