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Sanctum of Science

Once a the home and symbol of the Vanaras pursuit of knowledge now a ruin symbolizing much the same.

Purpose / Function

To be the center of all scientific pursuits to house, collect, and store all the findings of scientists and their experiments.


Started as a small building with new wings and a huge underground complex being created to house the increased knowledge and amount of experiments going on at any one time.


Created from reinforced concrete with sterile white paint plastered over top giving it a very solid and box shape.   the main building houses a large library and council chambers where the 50 kilometer underground complex houses rooms for hundreds of experiments and even larger library with a copy of every book the empire ever found or made along with the machine room the massive hanger sized room to house all the equipment scientists and the massive machine all for the project of calculating infinity.


Created soon after the Vanaras empire was founded to be a center to store the scientific knowledge and protect it from tampering or destruction from outside forces   Expanded in 488 BF to include a sprawling underground complex with the increased desire of the Vanaras for scientific knowledge   Became the center of state in 450 BF with the creation of the council chambers   The pride of the Sanctum the project to calculate infinity was started in 400 BF and took 400 years before it was completed having a whole new section being built specifically for this one project.   In 0 BF the machine was completed and activated where it soon went critical releasing a wave of deadly magical energy vaporizing most life in the complex and surrounding city and blanketing all that was left with high levels of Void Taint corrupting and mutating what remained and leaving the whole area uninhabitable if mostly intact.
Was abandoned during the explosion marking the beginning of the fall
Owning Organization

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