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Story: Race Towards Madness

A race for riches and knowledge that only brings madness.


The Slow descent of madness and to have come to far to turn back.



A powerful noble of the kingdom of Colsai hires several groups of adventures to go into the fallen city of Belyre in search of relics and books willing to pay handsomely for each pieces collected. The Grey Cowls hear of this goal and quickly apprehend the noble to late to stop the adventures the leave in pursuit of them.


The pursuit of the Grey Cowls and physical and mental conflict between the different Adventuring parties. There is large amounts of Void Taint within the ruins and mutated creatures.

Rising Action

The party is the first to reach the Sanctum of Science but quickly run into problems once the each start suffering from horrific hallucinations and visions. only being able to access the library with all other doors being locked they must find a way through.


They find a key card in a dead Labtician's pocket allowing them deeper where they start to find greater relics and technologies. The second party a group of ruthless mercenaries who have already dispatched the other group quickly find their minds weak from the atrocities the committed allows the void into their psyche quickly driving them mad.

Falling Action

All but the parties Sorcerer escapes from the bowels of the Sanctum with a sole item managed to take from his friends hands before the collapsed in spasms. Slowly stumbling he makes it to the outskirts of the city where the whole expanse of the desert lays in front of him and two silhouettes on the horizon.


The sorcerer seeing his salvation runs towards the figures only noticing their grey cowls too late to put up any defense of his now rolling head.



The good adventuring party and their sorcerer.


The knowledge seeking noble


The mercenary party and the other group of adventurers


The Grey Cowl pair



City of Colsai, Sanctum of Science, the Barrens, and Fallen City Of Belyre.


Void Taint, Void Mutants, Void Creatures, the desert, Grey Cowls, and rival adventuring parties.
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