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The Great Vanaras

Technological advancement, introspection, and doomed curiosity is what this ancient empire is known for even if the most people remember of them are their ruined building and tales or scripts of old.


Council Arbiter (1): keeps the peace within the council chambers and deciding vote Council Member (12): to create laws and organize society and decide which knowledge is released Master Scientist: Overseer of the scientists and control the focus of the legion of researchers Bureaucrat: someone to organize the civilian and oversee day to day events Scientist: someone tasked with the high honor of expanding the knowledge of society Meditation Magi: someone dedicated in their goal of introspection and magical power Student: someone studying to become a scientist Civilian: A normal person such as merchant, farmer, electrician, etc Primitive: people of other races seen as primitive in their development and seen as nothing but beasts

Public Agenda

To further knowledge about all aspects of reality with a focus on the material realm and its creation.


The first race to achieve sapience and explore different continents their continent spanning empire was created in just 100 years after the race became sapient which was 556 years before the fall.   In year 0 before the fall a project was finished by head scientist Jil'arn Knoa with the goal of calculating infinity by using technology and magic together using the technology to channel the magical energy in the desired goal. the machine ran into catastrophic failure after the magic power grew exponentially in a matter of seconds reaching levels of magical density never seen before and causing a tear into the Void releasing the energy and destroying the capital city whoever survived the cataclysmic power was soon destroyed by the beasts and taint of the Void.

Knowledge is the only power

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Vanaras, The Fallen, The Foolish
Controlled Territories

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