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The Citadel of the Sun

A tall fortress rises above an overgrown clearing , the forest has overrun the surrounding land as if no one has stepped upon this ground for hundreds of years. Surprisingly though the plant life has covered the area surrounding this circular building no vegetation touched the stonework.

Purpose / Function

The original purpose for the Citadel of the Sun was an laboratory for Queen LeFay to experiment on or punish the various undead of her court. After she was overthrown the Citadel of the Sun housed the undead who could not be easily killed and the living who were too important to kill.


To seal the prisoners/experiments in and keep anyone from interrupting or freeing them the Queen wove warding spells into a secondary wall reinforcing the Citadel. Any living or undead creature that touches the outermost wall or roof will have their lifeforce drained from their body. Even incorporeal spirits will have their ectoplasm drained should they attempt to phase through the wall.


The Citadel structure is a large circular building that holds well over three dozen rooms over four floors. With an central tower at its center that is kept separate from the rest of the building from which the guardsmen were able to watch the prisoners. The prisoners, who are stationed around the perimeter of the structure, are unable to see into the central building due to magical feature obscuring any sight magical or mundane.   Each level of the perimeter held various prisoner cells as you went higher the cells grew larger and more complex. At the fourth level there is a laboratory with a few sealed windows stone roof and various chimneys to expel any academical smoke that is hazardous to breath.


The Citadel of the Sun originally served as the prison and execution grounds for the Scorpion Clan of Drow. With the Blood Revolt The Court of Blood and the Living Drow joined together and either imprisoned or executed most of the The Court of Breath. After The Great Undertaking the Citadel of the Sun was all but forgotten and when the Drow vanished from the island the prisoners were truly left alone.   The first level was for living prisoners After the Great Undertaking the building was abandoned and the living starved to death some arising as undead while all undead with dietary requirements met their final death. The second level was for the undead who were important or had specific information, there were many attempts to convert these prisoners but all of that ended when the building was abandoned. The third floor holds stronger and more malevolent undead originally experimented on by the Queen they were avoided as no one knew if they could be killed let alone reasoned with. The topmost level was the Queens lab, with her deposed the Lich Uthar the Bone Taker took control but he too met his final death during the Great Undertaking.     In the thousand years that followed various settlers from Ruby or Cobalt stumbled upon the Citadel of the Sun but did not survive long. Most died to the various defenses that were erected as well as the mindless undead still standing guard awaiting their next order. A few adventures managed to clear the first level and accidentally released the Undead prisoners but by then they were either driven mad from their imprisonment or enraged and slew their liberators before returning to the island. Now the Citadel of the Sun sits quite waiting for the next band of explorers to uncover the lost secrets it holds.
One year after the Great Undertaking
Parent Location

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