The Oasis Fortress

At the very western edge of the West Provinces almost in line with the areas considered the impenetrable parts of the desert lies a ruined fortress and town of Dweorhian origins. Built into a large sand mountain and cliff side it was the site of a major settlement and mine straight down into the earth.   The Imperials have only known about the site since the last expansions into the West, in the centre of the settlement is an oasis that seems to be filled from an underground lake or cave system. Only the Legion and certain research parties have been allowed to wander around the city, so very little is known. It became apparent quite quickly that the fortress was of Dweorhian origin and so it has been secured for intense study in the hopes that something can be learned of those north of the Wall.   What is certain from the ruins is that it was a place of intense industry and supported vast forges. Other than that the only thing immediately obvious is that all the walls are twice as thick on the western sides and that the walls bare considerable scuff marks and pock marks.

Purpose / Function

So far the only purpose discerned about the site is that it was a way station designed to supply peoples with water and food, the mines seem to be dated somewhat later than the start of the settlement itself.   As previously mentioned it seemed to support a large number of forges but no evidence of what they were making has ever been found, large parts of the fortress have been eroded away by sand and time.

Owning Organization
Dweorhian Empire


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