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The Heart of Katiri

For over five hundred years in the First Era, the Grand Duchy of Katiri stood as the jewel of the south of the Empire of Thrain. Rich in both mineral and agricultural wealth, and a bastion to protect the rest of the empire from the invading hobgoblin armies to the south, the island province was one of Theas most prosperous regions at the time. At its center rested one of the largest and grandest citadels ever constructed, a mass of stone and timber carved by the most skilled craftsmen and adorned in rare metals and precious gems, the Heart of Katiri.

Of this once thriving Duchy, now only the decaying ruins of the Heart remain as testament to its existence. All other remnants except the rare intact foundation have crumbled to dust over the past five millennia.

Purpose / Function

The heart acted as the administrative and military anchor for the island duchy of Katiri, acting as capitol building for the region and strategic headquarters and supply distribution site for the duchy's military.


The Heart began as a strong defensive keep. However, due to the overwhelming prosperity of the region and need for more administrative space, four sprawling wings were added over the course of a few hundred years.


The only remaining structure to the heart are its stone walls, carved from the dark grey granite of Katiri. The timber beams and braces have long since rotted away, collapsing most roofs, and any valuables are likely to have been picked from the ruins by foolhardy scavengers.


The cause of the fall a Katiri remains unknown in the current era. The event that occurred on that island was so sudden that it is believed that only a few hundred people managed to escape alive. It is said that settlements on the opposing coast of Thea could see the sky darken to the color of pitch during the middle of the day. Some rumors more worrying from the survivors say that during that time, peoples shadows would rise from the ground to devour them.

666 First Era
Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location

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