SC - Ruin of Kauhu

When visiting the ruins you may see some people, if you are not part of the cult you should refrain from talking to them, i heard of gruesome sacrifices
  Kauhu is the antithesis to the alpha, he was the alphas greatest enemy, wanting to bring chaos and pain to the world, and even thought this was his agenda he has followers, so many followers in fact that they build an altar to kauhu in the northern part of orcerta near Valkia.   It began with a small house which had a minimalistic altar in it, nothing more, but soon the cult began to grow. Chairs were added to have a place for prayers, benches were added to listen to Sermons and with each sermon the cult got bigger.   Not long after the house was demolished, not by antagonizing organisations but by the cult itself, it was too small. they began to build a building worthy of a god, bigger than any of the churches the elders had to this point ... and even bigger than the Church the alpha had.   Sermons grew bigger and once they began to sacrifice people to Kauhu the other religious organisations finally had a reason to step in without the public being outraged. An all out religious war ensued, but even tho the cult of Kauhu had a great amount of followers, it was nothing compared to the followers of the elders.   As such the church of the elders won and claimed the building for themselves, as a sign of victory they decided to protect it instead of to demolish it. But soon the church too lost interest and left this place, no one tended to it in ages and as such it began to crumble.   today it is but a speck of what is formally was, but still cultists venture to it to praise kauhu.


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