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Even the mighty are weak to nature.

Once inhabited by the mighty Serpent's Throne, the royal family perished in a terrible earthquake centuries ago. The newly renamed Chrysanthemum Throne can be found in the new Chrysanthemum Palace on the north side of town.

Purpose / Function

Hiryu-jo was the original residence of the Imperial Family of Ezo.


Hiryu-jo was the original residence of the Imperial Family of Ezo.   Near the end of the Third Age, when Ezo was solidified as a nation, the imperial family had a massive castle made in their name. The tower sat atop a hill lined with sakura, and was renowned the world for its architectural majesty, it's broad moat, and it's impenetrable dungeon.   The castle stood through just about everything: the loss of The Vestiges, the War of Ruin, the rising of the Titans, the scourge of the Eidolons, the summoning of the Primordials, the Spellplague, the Cataclysm, and multiple fallings of the Moon's Cry.   But it was in the Sixth Age, whence came that the end was set to come. Late in the night, the dragon beneath the nation trembled in a nightmare, and brought about the Quake of the Dragon's Birth. The terrible tremor, followed by a massive tsunami unlike anything seen before, and the fires that destroyed most of the city of Ezoshi left little but ruins, the quake even taking the royal family with its passing.   Although the majority of the structure seemed passable after the earthquake, it was decided by the newfound Empress Hime that the palace should be reconstructed a new in a different portion of town as they built a city for the masses. As such, Hiryu-jo's massive moat was left to nature's bidding, and it's land left as a reminder to the populace that worse times have been seen. The space in and around the castle has now devolved into slums and ruins, including many families building vertical housing within the moat itself.
Parent Location


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