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Anchors of the Vestiges

An ancient performance.

Purpose / Function

The Anchors of the Vestiges are holy sites used to activate the Conduit, a religious structure erected on the highest peak of Mount Yamato. Upon ritual performance by one empowered by The Vestiges, an Anchor can be unlocked, allowing it to feed latent celestial energy outward into the world. When all of the Anchors are unlocked, the energy from these sites is fed into the Conduit. Once a final ritual is performed at the site of The Conduit, the energy is channeled outward to the various shrines, priming them for future ritual to be undertaken by the Thread who set forth the ritual.


The structures of the actual Anchors is very old, of maintained stonework. The exterior of these structures was eventually surrounded by small shrines hosted by the Masters of the Shrines.


These ancient ruins have existed for eons in Ezo, and because of the population's dedication to The Vestiges, have been maintained consistently throughout time, retaining the ancient rituals and practices required to activate the structures and put forth the rites toward Linking the Shrines.
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