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Masters of the Shrines

Long ago, it was said that the gods created the universe in epic combat. Amaterasu was said to have made a beautiful painting of the universe for all to marvel. But in a fit jealousy, the other gods wanted to envision the painting as they saw fit. They all disagreed on what the perfect world would look like. A fight erupted and swords were drawn, with the tumult of perfect steel echoing all around, creating the many planes of existence.   As the great beings clashed blades, it was the blade of Uchikaku, god of The Earth, which stabbed through Amaterasu’s masterpiece by accident, and the world was birthed in the fire of his mystical blade which scorched her painting.   Amaterasu wept with sadness over her ruined painting. The other gods sought to comfort her in apology for their selfishness. In turn, the gods collaborated with Amaterasu to make a painting suitable for them all.   However, the rip in the Earth remained from the blade that had damaged it. This tear punctured deep into the Earth, down to Yomi, which flooded the painting with foul creatures of all shapes and sizes, which then terrorized their way from star to star. Surely something must be done!   After some pondering, Omoikane suggested to sew the gash with a holy thread. They toiled for eons, crafting the fine silken string and winding it through the canvas of the world, until the thread was linked from one end of the gash to the other, with only two knots on either end as remembrance of the silly feud.   It is said that this is why the First Mortals created the Ise Shrine (ee-say) and Izumo Shrine (ee-zoo-mo), in honour of the beautiful world the gods created, with all its imperfections. And should ever the thread become frayed, the gods would appoint a brave mortal to weave their thread through the painting with the majesty of the gods, and link the shrines forevermore.


Diffuse, with independent people of the same rank, working singularly toward the collective goal.

Public Agenda

Find a Thread, and then attempt the pilgrimage across the continent to perform a ritual and "link the shrines."


A small monastery, along with a small bank of shared wealth.


Founded what is said to be at the beginning of time, this movement was said to be given the divine path of following in the wake of the gods to "link the shrines once more," knowing that it was fate that this was to occur. Modern members cannot state its age, but imagine its current for has existed for nearly 3000 years.


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