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Kenji Nakamura

A sorry soul destined to weave a thread into history.

Master of the Shrines Kenji Nakamura

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Athletic, scarred, rugged.

Facial Features

Thick beard.

Identifying Characteristics

Many scars across chest, arms, and back.

Apparel & Accessories

Lush black and white kimono featuring celestial iconography, which he wears over one shoulder. Kimono bears many blood stains.

Specialized Equipment

Broad katana and a net.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kenji is a sorry soul. Born to an abusive father, his mother bid him to flee their terrible life. “Take your brothers and sisters. I am tied with your father, but your threads are not bound!” Kenji fled with his siblings, only with the caustic words of his father in the distance.   Only 13 and now the head of house for his three brothers and two sisters, he did what he had to in order to scrape by. After an austere year of tending the local shrine for scraps of food and peddling odd-jobs around Ezo, he enlisted in the army to fight the orcish hordes in the War of the Northern Plains. It was here that he learned the horrors of this Earth were far scarier than any father could be.   The campaign ended three years later. Scarred and battle weary, Kenji returned to his family at the age of 17. But despite returning with gold to support them, his brother Shinji denounced him. “You abandoned us when we had no one else to turn to! I had to fend for us, with no help from you. We are safe by my watch, not yours. You are not welcome here. Take your gold and leave!”   Distraught, homeless, and forsaken by his own family once more, Kenji limped to the only place he knew left: the shrine. They reluctantly welcomed him, but insisted he move on, as he was too old to become a priest, and would need to tend to himself when his gold ran out. After months of nagging, he simply donated the rest of his gold, and left the shrine.   It was Kenji’s master, Tao, who saw Kenji do this. Tao saw this act as remarkable: this soul who was so down on their luck, who instead of clutching to their pride or worldly possessions, gave everything they owned to those who would see him cast out… Kenji’s thread was strong and vibrant, Tao could see it. Tao insisted Kenji apprentice under him, offering him rice and a roof. With no other objective, Kenji obliged.   _________   A decade passed, and Kenji had learned much. Tao was one of the Masters of the Shrines, whose sole purpose was to seek out “Threads” which would one day link the the Shrines Ise and Izumo. “It is said that one who links the shrines once more will restore harmony to the world, and perhaps the universe!” Tao would always say. Kenji took heart in the tales, seeing that his life may have pushed him to this moment, and that perhaps his purpose was to be a needle to aid in sewing someone else’s journey. After all, it is all he had ever known.   Kenji was now an adult, and strong. He swore off his commitments to anyone but those dedicated to linking the shrines, and aided Tao in their many adventures. Tao would find Threads, and they would do their best to accompany the fated ones across the continent to Izumo Shrine. The journeys were difficult, nearly impossible, and fraught with loss, pain, and misery. Many of their Threads died, as they so often do, leading Kenji and Tao to return home and start again.   But Kenji would not lose hope. He had purpose. He was a weaver of fate. All that was needed was a Thread that was strong enough to withstand the journey.   After many years, Tao grew more frail. His journeying days were over. Kenji cared for his master dutifully, until Tao granted him the title of Master of the Shrines.   “Continue our quest. I see it in you. You will find the Thread that will link the shrines. But all threads need a needle. Sew a beautiful journey, and I will marvel from the stars with pride, telling every god I meet, he was mine.”   Tao was cremated, and his remains were stored in the shrine he called home. __________   Kenji never lost hope. He believed a Thread existed that would link the shrines. He sought for 20 years, over two dozens of journeys west. Following rumours of gods’ blessings, or tales of orphans, anything that could bear a mark of a Thread. He heard rumour of a great power residing under the Temple Shinenmori, outside the city of Ezoshi, a pure crystal crafted by the God Unmei, who had led him to many Threads.   But as he ventured into the celestial alcove below the ruins, he encountered a brave Sphinx, who told him that he could not enter. “A thread you are tied to, but a thread you are not. You may not pass until a thread has been stitched by Unmei.”   So Kenji waited, hoping for a thread to arrive. This was special - this was unique - this celestial servant confirmed that he was destined to aid a true Thread. Many had ventured into the temple: thirsty graverobbers, wayward adventurers, petty vagabonds, and ignorant children. But none were chosen by Unmei, and all perished.   It was then, while with his party in a tavern on the eve of the Tanabata festival, that Kenji caught wind of an interesting event: a group of children planned to spend the night in Shinenmori. He felt the tug of a thread, and he sought to discover who this thread was.

Gender Identity





None / Informal



Accomplishments & Achievements

Chrysanthemum petal for service in the war during The Second Northern War.

Failures & Embarrassments

Fled from family home; disowned by siblings.

Personality Characteristics


Find and guide a Thread to link the shrines.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Expert in mobile combat, navigation, and overland travel.

Vices & Personality flaws

Alcoholic, stubborn, quick to anger.

Personality Quirks

Growls like an animal when mad.


Unkempt hair.


Contacts & Relations

Religious Views

Social Aptitude

A man of few words, but those words are strong, practical, and at times scary.


Zoe Miyamizu

Apprentice (Vital)

Towards Kenji Nakamura



Kenji Nakamura

Master (Vital)

Towards Zoe Miyamizu



Emperor Caldus

Foreign Leader (Important)

Towards Kenji Nakamura



Kenji Nakamura

Vagrant (Important)

Towards Emperor Caldus



Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Master of the Shrines
Year of Birth
1704 CE 326 Years old
Dark Brown
Wild, black hair.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common (Ezo & Forman), Orcish, and Dwarvish.


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