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Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

All habitable locations.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Varies between cultures.   Ezo: Patrilineal Surname and Given Name. Formosa: Patrilineal Surname and Given Name. Golden: Combined Surname of Parents and Given Name. Kantur & Grenze: Given Name and Patronymic Surname Opalesce: Given Name, Family Name, Earned Name

Major Organizations

Ezo Empire Formosa Empire The Confederation Opalesce Bastion The Ruby Kingdoms The Holy Empire

Beauty Ideals

Tends to favour athletic or slim builds, but varies by culture.

Gender Ideals

Tends to favour pansexuality, but some cultures are conservative and value heteronormativity.

Relationship Ideals

Tends to favour monogamy.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Tends to favour interbreeding, but some cultures are conservative.
Genetic Descendants
~80 years
Average Height
1.6m - 1.9m
Average Weight
55 - 99 kg.


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