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Life is too short for its true majesty to be revealed.

Chisato Dærina (a.k.a. Chi-chan)

Time is odd. I know that sounds cliché coming from one such as me. We have centuries of time on this world to frolic about. Some of us do anyway. But this is a world that isn't fair to all. A beautiful world for all to see, and yet they're so pinned down by their lives. And while we all are bound down, all could be lost to the time in a moment if we all don't put forth the effort.   At least that's my belief. There is more to see and more to do. I was given my task. All I wish for is to find its conclusion and save as many people as long the way. This is a world that lacks happiness. Every extra one is a blessing.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Slender, flighty, and flexible.

Apparel & Accessories

Simple linens and a wooden staff.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Chisato spent her youth growing up ambling about the Orient. Originally from the mainland, in Ezo's Dewa Province, Chisato's tribe raised her traditionally in the old elven ways before sending her off to Ezo proper for a human education. By her 20s, she had been trained in druidic and arcanic arts, and decided that the former was more of her suite. She made a career for herself roaming the island and province in search for those in need of natural healings, or saving those beset by strange spirits, meeting many curious folk along her path.   It was, however, one day that she was called to a village in the hills of a provincial town that she came upon her own concerns. A spring in the village sourcing from near the local shrine had soured, making the populace horrendously ill. When she sought to explore the abandoned shrine and its spring, she encountered a horrible relic in the spring. She sought to purify it, but it instead infused with her arm, sapping away her senses of physical touch, until her arm was nothing more than a ghostly imitation of its former self. She sought council at the abandoned shrine, seeking to pray to Neive, Daughter of the Grove for aid, but was greeted by a vision - of one of the The Vestiges, certainly - of a god that was beyond her recognition.   Her vision showed her that of the shrine where she knelt. The shrine decayed to nothing but dust, until nothing was left but the purified stream, the hill, and the bustling town below. Time went back on itself, and the shrine was but a ruin... it was then rebuilt, a festival held there, the biggest in the land. Time passed further before, to a vision of the hilltop, filled with deer, lazing under the trees. Time was a continuum, and through these various visions of time passing hither and tither, Chisato learned something heart-wrenching: her time was short. This corruption would be her end. No matter the timeline, she would be dead. In a year? A decade? A century? She couldn't say. But this injury would consume her entirety one day, and there would be nothing left of her.   In her journeys after her corruption, wrapped gently behind bandages, she pondered the meaning of this communication with a deity. She came to her own conclusion: many timelines exist, but only one's own choices carry the weight of change. A town is nothing without its spring, a druid nothing without her curse, a shrine nothing without it's mountain, a mountain nothing without its life. Each minor change altered all of history, and thus, Chisato had to live her remaining history in a manner that was as productive as possible.   Seeking out more knowledge of The Vestiges, she encountered the Masters of the Shrines, in particular Kenji Nakamura, who waxed poetic about Linking the Shrines and resorting balance to the world. Perhaps this is what her curious god wished of her? Perhaps she was even directed here? What is a companion to Kenji if not one that was graced by a god? What is a person graced by a god if not one that was cursed?   Chisato determined her own fate that day. She swore herself to the Masters of the Shrines, and began journeying with Kenji until their task was set about. They experienced many harrowing tales, each ending in failure. But neither lost hope, as they slowly constructed a new group to set out once more to the west.

Gender Identity





Elven Druidic, Formal Human.

Personality Characteristics


Seek out the calling for Neive to clear away corruption in the realm.

Likes & Dislikes

The calmness of nature, hiking, spring.   Busy cities, enclosed spaces, loud noises (except for thunder).


Social Aptitude

Calm and kind, perhaps even motherly to many extents. Also mature and dense in personality.


Zoe Miyamizu

Companion (Vital)

Towards Chisato




Companion (Vital)

Towards Zoe Miyamizu



True Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
1624 CE 406 Years old
Current Residence
Light green.
Short, curly, and black.
130 lbs.
Aligned Organization


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