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Ezo is ethnically diverse. Humans are most prevalent, but other races intermingle freely and openly. A strong oligarchic class lives away from the lower classes, packed in rough slums. The city is a magnet for commerce, trade, and all manner of guilds.


Democratic Empire. The Imperial Throne has full constitutional powers, but for most affairs, allows a governmental parliament to run the nation's affairs.


A massive wall the surrounds the city, with superior defenses. Several small mage towers out to sea to protect from naval invasion. A highly sophisticated castle with surrounding mote and bridge, as well as a tremendous network of underground tunnels.

Industry & Trade

Vibrant trading city. Main industry is travel, using the massive port to launch long-range ships to distant parts of the globe.


The largest harbour on the eastern seaboard, rich marketplace, The Chrysanthemum Palace, and more.


Ezochi has stood as the capital of Ezo for eons. No matter how many quakes, typhoons, or tsunamis ravage the city, it is always rebuilt in an even more beautiful fashion. It has changed much over the years, from a military centerpiece, to one of the international capitals of magic, to a democratic nation like no other, to an entrepreneurial trading city. Ezochi has always remained the heart of this rich country.


Southeast of Ezo, along the eastern oceans overlooking the bay of Ezosh, bordered by mountains and smaller suburbias.

Natural Resources

Lush land surrounds the city, ideal for the smaller communities nearby to focus on rice farming.
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