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Session 1 (LW)

New Friends, New Journeys

General Summary

Late in the summer of the year 1752, four adventurers were told they had a job.   Kenji Nakamura had put out a call for adventurers, and four youthful adventurers answered: Lance, Ren, K'rist, and Odd. Having already met and settled to adventure together to assist each others ends, they took Kenji up on his offer. For a small portion of money, they would travel to the southern coast of Ezo and seek out a camp of merchants which was raided by some unknown monsters, and recover the crates left behind.   Traveling to the cliffside beaches, they found the abandoned campsite, with all its supplies stolen. Exploring further down by the beach, they located a small cave. Unfortunately, as they entered the dark cave, K'rist sneezed, alerting whatever was inside. In another unfortunate set of circumstances, Odd sought out a noise around a corner of the cave, only to be skewered by a seabeast. A battle ensued, and after several fierce rounds of battle, the group survived, letting one of the creatures retreat to the sea.   Successful in their search for the supplies, they returned to the city to gain their rewards from Kenji. He then offered a second proposition: as they were good for their word, and wise in action, he asked them to accompany his group on a quest of grand design. He was a monk with the Masters of the Shrines, and their goal was to link a series of celestial shrines, perpetuating an ancient myth which would hypothetically restore the power of The Vestiges and thereby restore peace to a chaotic world. The party's travels would take them, on foot, across the entire continent, to the distant lands of Kimberly to the west. The goal therein: escort and protect Kenji, his fellow adventurers Chisato and Rika, as well as their young and most important companion, the young celestial mage Zoe Miyamizu. Zoe was stated as the center-point of this adventure: her unique powers as a Thread were required to activate the various shrines on their journey, which would be sought out by some strange mix of astronomy, cartography, and arcane science. If Zoe were to die, the entire mission would be a failure, and all would be forced to make the long trek home with nothing to show for their efforts crossing the continent.   First, the group would need to adventure around Ezo, seeking out religious structures known as Anchors. Zoe will perform a ritual, unlock these anchors, which will then activate the Conduit, a separate structure. This structure, fully powered, will then be activated by Zoe, priming all the shrines along their journey and allowing them to know which ways to travel. For their efforts, Kenji provided the group with an upfront payment of Imperial gold bars.They happily accepted the offer, and spent the next several weeks learning more and preparing for their journey.   Odd learned more about his strange mark, showing that he is somehow involved with one of The Vestiges, named The Cimmerian Shade or "Yami." Lance prepared himself for a long journey to find the lost or kidnapped Prince Thomas Adershine, and insisted the Prince's safety comes first. K'rist said farewell to her life at university, along with her caring professor, after studying up on some last minute spells. Ren bid farewell to his brother, eager to use this adventure as an opportunity to jump-start their career of opening a globalized thieves guild. And so, with their affairs settled, the group began their long hike around the country of Ezo, seeking out the Anchors of the Vestiges.

Missions/Quests Completed

Save the merchant supplies, join the Masters of the Shrines group.

Character(s) interacted with

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Report Date
30 Dec 2018
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