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Session 5 (LW)

The Plan

General Summary

Still in Kagoshima, after their fearsome fights to relieve the cavern shrine of its treacherous monster, the group set off back toward Ezo. Along the way, they located a group of thieves who attempted to coerce them out of their money as a toll. This toll was operated by one of Ren's rivals named Rai. After a contentious confrontation, they were charged a high deal to cross the bridge. The group was directed instead by Odd away from the road, where they crossed the river with magic on their own.   Once returning to the capital, they spent a nice evening celebrating Yule before preparing to set off toward their destination at The Conduit on Mount Yamato. Before this, they were called for an audience with Princess Aiko, who bid them good luck, but also warning that Summer's group had reported that the road up Mount Yamato had gotten destroyed by an avalanche. As a result, the group would have to find an alternate path up the mountain. The path determined by the group was either by a dwarven elevator that led to the Dwarven city of Valr-Dahn, or by traveling through the city directly via a more dangerous path through the crags of the mountain.   When arriving at Mount Yamato, it was discovered that the elevator itself was inoperable. They took their path up the mountain, crossing many treacherous cravesses in the process. Unfortunately, in a poor turn of events, K'rist fell from a bridge, and the group followed her so as not to get split up, eventually ending up in a small ruin further down within the mountains and Valr-Dahn. Here, they gathered themselves, before attempting to find a way out of the treacherous ruins. After activating a contraption that opened various gated doors throughout the complex, they were greeted with none other than a horrifying Gloom, which began to entrap them. Kenji bid them to retreat, keeping Zoe safe. Chisato recognized this event from her visions, a fated vision that was said to mark her death by surrendering the power vested in her arm. She bid Lance to cut off her arm, which he obliged, turning her arm into a small stone.   Very quickly, the group began to retreat. They faced many beasts along their way, culminating in a horrifying fight against a large number of gibbering mouthers that began to assail the group. Zoe was felled, but saved by a necklace, and then somehow enchanted with powerful magics immediately afterwards. The group uniquely decided to acrobatic their way into the bag of holding, quickly expediting their retreat to the elevator that would lead to the mountain peak and The Conduit. After a tense waiting for the elevator, they hurriedly boarded it, rising away from danger, with the loss of Kenji somewhere deeper in the ruin along with the Gloom and whatever else laid behind...

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27 Jan 2019
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