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Session 3 (LW)

The Word Around

General Summary

Continuing their journey to the Anchors of the Vestiges, the party ventures to the Strait of the Divide, a tremendous fissure in the land separating Ezo the island from the mainland. This magnificent geological feature was joined by the only large city in the area, Aomori, and bustling town with had adapted to life on the cliff's edges. The group entered town as a festival was taking place at the very shrine they were attending, only to find themselves face to face with Zoe Miyamizu's worst nightmare: Aki Kuwahara and his own band of people traveling with him.   In their meeting, they learned that Aki served Ryoku, a Vestige of space. He had just finished activating the anchors themselves, and was prepared to make the journey to The Conduit. The group aided Zoe in completing her ritual, energizing the Anchor, before spending several days in the city of Aomori. Odd spent his time reflecting on The Vestiges and on thoughts of K'rist. In his reflections, he felt a strange sensation related to a prayer and his internal pull ever-westward, related to the falling of a star. He pondered this before hearing a noise. Zoe, for her part, attempted to make a union with Aki in the woods, secretly. However, Odd played a trick on them, trying to confuse them with Lance's voice vis-a-vis a casting of thaumatergy, summarily learning that Aki is a spellcaster himself, who struck Odd in the back unerringly with Magic Missiles. Odd returned to the shrine, and Aki and Zoe remained out for the rest of the night.   Ren, meanwhile, did his best to research around the city for his best interests. In his research, he found nobles from Formosa transporting something valuable on the docks. Although he did his best to steal this, he was unsuccessful. Later, he met with Odd, discussing their various romantic feelings. After this, he separated from the group once again in order to find some drugs, with Zoe following along, giving them a slight moment of bonding.   On the road, the group continued to discuss emotions and sex, and passed the time as the nights slowly grew colder with the passage of Autumn.   Later on, it he town of Sendai, they heard tale that the town had some of the best onsens in the area. Zoe was insistent on attending, and Kenji agreed, much to his lamentation. After arriving, they found a bustling hotel and bathhouse, filled with rowdy clientelle of all races, many of whom seemed to be strange tieflings with odd skin hues and tails, unlike anything they had seen before. Moving on into the bath, they encountered a person who revealed herself to be Captain Paseo. This tiefling woman recounted a tall tale of her adventure to a plane known as The Dirge, where she fell into and then escaped with her crew. Her goal seems to be following Tiamat, a god who aided her escape from The Dirge, and whom she swears a duty to. Not before, however her crew might sneak away any little bit of extra coin from the locker rooms, which Lance finds, confronting one of the men who seems ready for combat...

Missions/Quests Completed

Activate the second Anchors of the Vestiges.

Character(s) interacted with

Queiran, Aki, Koji, Dez, Raska.

Created Content

Report Date
13 Jan 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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