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Sandholm Palace

This was the home of the royal family of Eischland for almost a thousand years. At the stroke of midnight on the last day of 1948 of the Age of Awakening it was suddenly and inexplicably covered and pierced through by giant thorny vines, killing everyone inside.

Purpose / Function

Sandholm Palace was constructed to be the new home to the royal family of Eischland, built on the orders of King Elwin Sarric.


Not many were made to the outside in all the years since it was built. Any outward construction was to preserve and uphold the integrity of the palace and its surroundings.   The inside was altered a number of times to modernise and to accommodate the tastes of the people who were currently living there.


The palace was built with primarily sandstone walls, giving it the nickname "sandcastle". It was adorned with towers and turrets and arches and looked like a very large and beautifully crafted sandcastle.


Sandholm Palace was built between the years 948-950. The construction was by order of the second King of Eischland, Elwin Sarric, after the disappearance of his parents. He moved from Wadesten Castle and made Sandholm the new capital. During the construction, Elwin and his family lived in a mansion located in the same district that would from then on be named Sarric Circle.   There wasn't much room to build much of a courtyard or garden surrounding it and instead they worked on making the entire district more beautiful with plenty of green areas. They also improved on the fortifications and security for Sarric Circle to make it safe enough for the royal family to leave the palace with only a few guards as escort. Any resident of Sarric Circle knew not to engage with anyone from the royal family unless they were approached by them.   It stood proudly and unmarred by any damage for nearly a thousand years after its construction. At the stroke of midnight of Endbringer 31st year 1948 of the Age of Awakening, it was suddenly covered and pierced by giant vines shooting up from the ground. No one has been able to inflict any damage to these vines as of yet and no plans to uncover the palace have worked.
Endbringer 31st 1948 of the Age of Awakening


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