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Ruin World City

Unexpected, yet proof if not the kind that we desired. That other species, other than human life exists even if we only have found ruins of the once a city that spanned the whole world. It is frustrating to find it, but there is little left but dust and writing we can decipher, though we will make the attempt.

Archaeologist Marion Holden

Purpose / Function

Possibly the home world or colony of an alien race, that was wiped our or the place was attacked. All is speculation as there are working on deciphering their language and what little remains of their culture, their presence seems to have been or attempted to wipe out completely.

The Teams of Archaeologists have put up a shield around the planet in the hope of rebuilding the atmosphere, at least enough to see if they could do so. So far not yet successful, though it has permitted the Planet to remain protected from any space debris that some suggest as cause for the creators on the planet.

It is a continuing Archaeological site that many still work on to find out who the race were, when it was destroyed and what or who destroyed them.


The planet no long has any atmosphere, though there are signs and clues that it was possible oxygen breathing species who once lived there. None of the ruins seem to be eroding but more frozen in a single moment of its destructions. There are a few creators, like giant dots on the surface. There is small bodies of frozen water.

The planet, has remains of buildings, some are hollow structures, others going deep into the crust yet not so far as to be dangerous. There are silver, little green left though there were dried areas of dirt that suggest there might have been. There whole planet shows evidence of bombs, or something that ripped through the atmosphere, dropped on many of the buildings suggest they were much taller. There ruins are confusing as some parts seem untouched but for ashes, that were trapped in the cold, which on analyst suggest to be from a race who died.

Going down to an area, in the upper north pole like regions evidence of a race still remains in the cold.


The Planet Alien Coruscant was found in the 1918, and is a combined effort of archaeologist working to find out who and when the race lived.

It is most handled by University or the Colloquium of Terran which is the overseeing body of all knowledge gained by their exploration of Space.

Alternative Names
Alien Coruscant

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