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Coliseum Ruins

The Coliseum was once a grand place where soldiers, knights, mercenaries, and fools from all over could test their mettle against the greatest fighters of the land. It was free to attend and free to enter, people from all over the Hylian kingdom would fill its seats at the end of every week. When Calamity Ganon struck, the Coliseum was among the buildings of old Hyrule to be destroyed. Much of the structure remained intact, however, and after a hundred years, its grand circular walls could still be seen. Calamity Ganon assigned a Lynel and a few lesser monsters with elemental weapons, to guard the place, and for a time, it once again became a battle arena for those who wanted to test themselves. Unfortunately, the odds were forever stacked against most men, and many fools fell.

Purpose / Function

The Coliseum's original purpose was to be a battleground for warriors to fight for everyone else's entertainment. The tournament was quite popular and was a free source of entertainment for the rich and poor alike, and it was a quick (but not easy) way to move up in social status for anyone who had the talent. The winner of the tournament was always asked to become a Royal Knight of Hyrule while the runners-up had the opportunity to become Royal Guards.   After the Calamity, the ruins of the Coliseum became the territory of a Lynel wielding a flaming sword, along with other monsters with elemental weapons. The weapons were all extremely valuable in post-Calamity Hyrule, so treasure-hunters from all over were attracted to the ruins. Many attempted to steal the weapons for themselves in an effort to get rich quick, but they were always either frightened off, turned away, or (most often) killed by the Lynel. Only one person, the Great Bandit Misko, was ever able to swipe a few of the weapons and make it out alive.


The structure is made entirely from stone and was partially carved from the mountain that it is nestled inside. Before it was ruined, it had a 250-person seating capacity and 4,000 persons standing. While the interior was also made from stone, the seated floors were overlayed with wood, and the seats themselves were wooden and lined with cotton-filled cushion. There was a sublevel, a ground level, and four upper floors; the seating areas were located on the ground floor around the arena, while the standing pins occupied the upper floors. The barracks that held the contestants, as well as the exotic animals and monsters that were occasionally rounded up to spice up the fights, were all located on the sublevel.   The arena was circular and had a circumference of 370 feet, and was usually covered in dirt to help the contestants avoid serious injury.
50 Dinra 100 E.A.
Owning Organization

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