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The Kingdom of New Hyrule

The ruling country of the land of Hyrule, it's influence extends well beyond it's capital city limits. While mainly populated by Hylians, it contains large swaths of every single race who are all trying to prosper under the new era of peace.


The government involves the Crown, which in this case is Queen Zelda, and the Hyrulean High Court Council, a roundtable of 10 High Court Judges.   Among the citizenry, the social structure is as follows:
Hyrulean class structure
  The "nobility" is a unique social class that must be born into; it includes several wealthy families that have been apart of Hyrule's history for many generations and have been officially recognized by the Royal Family.   The "wealthy class" includes anyone who is considered rich (not necessarily on par with the nobility but can be) but does not have the bloodline that connects them to nobility.   The "high military class" includes those in the Royal Hyrulean Army that have achieved a position of "knight" or higher and/or a rank of "officer" or higher.   The "merchant class" is the middle-class range of people who own businesses but are not wealthy.   "Low military" contains all military personnel not included in "high military", as well as civilians in the Royal Hyrulean Army Reserves with a rank of "reserve officer" and above.   The "farmer class" includes farmers, ranchers, and stable workers that make less than 50,000R per year.   The "lower class" are the working class and generally make between 5,000R and 25,000R per year.   The "under-class" includes everyone who makes less than 5,000R and/or doesn't have a job that is listed as "reputable", i.e. street prostitutes, the homeless, criminals, etc.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Hyrule or Hyrule Kingdom
Hyrulean, Hylian
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy

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    1 Hyra 16:00

    Calamity Ganon is defeated
    Era beginning/end

    Link was victorious in his battle against Calamity Ganon and managed to rescue Princess Zelda.


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Ok, this isn't technically a comment on this article, though this one is super good too. But I just read the timeline entry on Ganon being defeated, and honestly that just made my day. A+++

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I'm not gonna lie, at first I didn't realize what you were talking about until I went back and read what I wrote. I completely forgot that I put all of that down XD I'm so glad you liked what you've seen so far because this whole article is a WIP