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Akkala is the northeastern most region of Hyrule, known for its miles of rolling hills, unkempt forests, and proximity to the ocean. It is the perfect place to live if one does not mind wild animals, lack of civilization, and monsters, or if you need enough acres to start a winery. The entire region is less than 25% settled, and it is the only region that is unsettled for reasons other than hospitability unlike Eldin or Gerudo, making it the perfect place for natural study.   The main settlements that can be found in Akkala are Tarrey Town, the Shadow Hamlet, Guardian Village. It is also home to the East and South Akkala stables and the new Citadel stable.   Popular attractions include Skull Lake, Lake Akkala, Akkala Beach, and Tumlea Heights, as well as the Royal Hyrulean Army's Akkala Citadel, the Poppinfell Vineyard and Winery, and the Akkala Ancient Laboratory.


The Akkala region is neatly sandwiched in between the volatile Death Mountain in the northwest and the calm Akkala Sea to the east. It is covered in thick forests that are teeming with wildlife, and is home to three pristine lakes. The south of the region is rocky and wet with the Torin Wetlands, Ulria Grotto, and High-Rise Isles while the north is what is considered Akkala at its most classic. Akkala Beach has over eight miles of uninterrupted coastline with three of those miles belonging to the spiral of the Rist Peninsula.   Akkala is normally warm and rainy with humid summers and mild winters, but it is constantly plagued by very severe thunderstorms during the late summer to the mid-autumn season. The region also has been known to have the occasional earthquake.

Fauna & Flora

Within Akkala's forests, one can find wild boar, deer, wolves, rams and wild horses as well as much of Hyrule's known mushroom population, fir trees, apple trees, and cork trees while the seas contain a plethora of fish.

Natural Resources

North Akkala: cork, lumber, apples, peaches, wild grapes, wheat, radishes, mushrooms, cherries, olives, seafood, game (meat, pelts, skins), ore (iron)   South Akkala: freshwater fish, ore (gems)
Alternative Name(s)
Wine Country, The North, The Wilds
Location under
Owning Organization

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