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Central City

Central City is the capital of the Kingdom of New Hyrule and most famously is the home of the architectural marvel that is Hyrule Castle, as well as most of the Hylian population. It is located at the very north of Central Hyrule, and it is so large that it can be seen from almost anywhere within the region, as well as some areas in neighboring regions.


~42,000 of the civilian residents are Hylian, most of which are Central Hylians, with everyone else being of another race. Gerudo are the next most numerous at about 5,000 residents, followed by 2,000 Rito, 500 Gorons, and 120 Zora


Central City is split into 10 districts that are ultimately overseen by each High Court Judge of the Hyrulean High Court Council, but they are all presided over by the City Magistrate. The City Magistrate is responsible for maintaining the integrity of Central City as a whole, and has the power to enforce laws and regulate trade, but cannot implement new laws and is beholden to the Central City Council. The City Magistrate is collectively chosen and unanimously voted upon by the Central City Council, and his term lasts until a City Councilor is replaced, and then the voting starts anew.   The Central City Council is a 10-membered panel of City Councilors who have legislative power over the entire city's affairs. Their purpose is to pass laws and oversee the actions of the City Magistrate. Each City Councilor is chosen by the High Court Judge of each district, and his term lasts until the Judge who picked him is replaced in the High Court Council.   All court cases are presided over by the judges of the City Court, of which there are between three and nine in each district, depending on the population and crime rate of the district. Each third of the district's City Court is specifically regulated to capital criminal, minor criminal, and civil cases with the High Court Judge serving as the court of appeals.   The law of Central City is the law of the Kingdom of New Hyrule with some additions such as:  
  • Vagrancy is a crime punishable of up to a year in prison, with a minimum of a 500R fine.
  • Street prostitution is criminalized, but brothels are legal as long as they stay in specific zones of the city. Denizens who happen to live in these zones pay significantly fewer property taxes than everyone else.
  • All home and business expansions require a permit.
  • Assaulting a mail carrier is a felony that is punishable of up to 10 years in prison.
  • People found to have lived in the city for more than 100 days who are not citizens and do not have proper permits allowing them to stay for purposes of family, study, or business reasons can be deported from the city.


Central City was originally known as Castle Town and was the largest settlement of both the old Hyrule Kingdom and the land of Hyrule. While Castle Town was completely destroyed by both Calamity Ganon and time, Central City rose out of its ashes thanks to the combined efforts of the descendants of the old kingdom, with special thanks to the Bolson & Sons Construction Company.   Established on the 15th of Autona on the first year after Calamity Ganon's defeat, the construction of Central City (as well as the reconstruction of Hyrule Castle) was the first priority of Princess Zelda and the Champion on the road to re-establishing the Hylian kingdom. When word of this endeavor reached the ears of the people, Hylians from all over the land came out of hiding to join in the effort, eager to finally have a central place to call home. Thanks to these efforts, making the city fit for settlement took less than two Goddess months, and Central City reached full capacity less than a year later.
Alternative Name(s)
Hyrule City, The City of Hyrule
Large city
~50,000 permanent, civilian residents
Inhabitant Demonym
City folk
Owning Organization

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