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Chapter: Ganon goes to therapy

This is the first chapter of the story and delves into a typical day for Ganondorf Dragmire, particularly one of his therapy sessions. The purpose of this chapter is to exposit the background of the story at large, as well as give some insight into one of the major characters, as well as his interactions with the environment around him.   After his latest incarnation, Calamity Ganon, was defeated by the Champion of Hyrule in a way that deeply disturbed him, it made Ganon realize that his life of villainry was ultimately pointless and decide to go on the straight and narrow from then on. As Hyrule rebuilt itself around him, Ganon realized that he would not be able to stay reformed without help. Fortunately for him, the new practice of psychology, known in Hyrule as "mind healing", was was in need of guinea pigs, so Ganon decided to try his luck with this new practice. While wary of him at first, Princess Zelda decided that if she could have Ganon healed of his inner-demons that compelled him to attack Hyrule every age, she would go down in history as the greatest ruler Hyrule ever had, so she pardoned Ganon on the condition that he saw his mind doctor as often as he was ordered to.



At the beginning of the chapter, Ganon lies in bed at home and wonders if it is worth of for him to attend therapy on one of his most dreaded days of the year: New Years Day. While he does ultimately decide to go (the alternative being getting arrested and possibly executed), he gripes about it for the rest of the exposition, giving insight into the holiday itself, how he is treated by the citizens of the world he almost destroyed, the city that he neighbors that his doctor is located in, his doctor's backstory, and how Ganon feels about everything talked about thus far.

Rising Action

After Ganon makes it to his doctor's home, we meet Dr. George Moonchild the mind doctor, and Ganon's session with him begins. The session starts off normally enough where the two men talk about Ganon's progress over the past seven years that they have been seeing each other, but it suddenly takes a turn when Dr. Moonchild begins to question Ganon about his relationships, rather, his lack thereof.


Ganon becomes angry with his doctor's inquiries and tries to argue that he does not need companionship and that even if he did, there is no one in the world who would ever dare. His rage peaks when Dr. Moonchild brings up his friendship with the Link the Champion, and Ganon rants about how he despises Hyrule and still wishes that all Hylians were dead.

Falling Action

Dr. Moonchild manages to diffuse the situation by calming Ganon down with the same compassion and understanding that Ganon has grown to appreciate from him over the years. He then explains that Ganon's lingering resent against Hyrule was justified due to the unnecessary way he had been treated since he was revealed to the public, but that that was all the more reason why it was necessary for him to seek out a support system, as well as utilize the one that he already has now with Link and Princess Zelda. Ganon is still not sure if he agrees completely, but he ultimately concedes Dr. Moonchild's point and thanks him for his advice.


At the very end of the session, just when Ganon thinks that he's in the clear and that he can go hide from the day's festivities in the comfort and solitude of his home, Dr. Moonchild reveals that Princess Zelda wishes for him to meet her at the castle.



Ganondorf Dragmire
Hyrule's most ancient and evil enemy, now reformed into a tired and lonely old man who just wants to live out the rest of his eternity in peace


Dr. George Moonchild
Ganon's mind doctor
the Champion of Hyrule and the one who defeated Ganon; ironically Ganon's best friend


Mrs. Fae Moonchild
Dr. Moonchild's wife and receptionist
Amell Moonchild
Dr. Moonchild's young daughter who longs to follow in her father's footsteps and likes to help her father run his patient lobby
the wife of the city gate guard with whom Ganon implies he slept with


Elonie's husband
the city gate's guard who likes to fondle Ganon while searching him and make a joke about it
Drunk hecklers
the Hylian citizens of Central City who were emboldened by alcohol, as well as the nature of the holiday, to harass Ganon on the way to his appointment
Princess Zelda Hyrule
the ruler of Hyrule and Ganon's main antagonist



Ganon's house
a rickety, unassuming wooden house on the outside that is made to be bigger on the inside via dark magic; located 8 miles from Central City in the Applean Forest
Central City
the capital city and the location of Ganon's doctor
Plot type
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