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Centurial Royal Guard Claymore

A claymore that was once designed for the Hylian Royal Guard by the Sheikah, these 100-year old swords are the most valuable collectible weapons, worth a whopping 18,000R each. They are extremely rare and could only be found by looting Hyrule Castle, a fool's errand for only the hardiest and craftiest of treasure-hunters.   What makes the entire "Centurial" weapon set unique is that they are almost entirely useless as weapons. They were originally designed as special weapons and a gift for Old Hyrule to help them combat Calamity Ganon. Unfortunately, a fatal design flaw plagued every weapon; the same design that gave them their high attack power (and stopping power when it came to the shields) also made them incredibly brittle. There had been much speculation as to what caused this and what could be done to fix it, but it all led to the same conclusion: it the material, not the design. Weapons of the same type that were designed by the Ancient Sheikah over 10,000 years ago were made with a special, extremely durable material that no one has been able to find or replicate since, whereas the Hylians use steel. While the weapons still had the same flaw, the ancient weapons were able to compensate for it due to the durability of the metal they were made from, while conventional Hylian steel did not have such a luxury. As a result, the claymore is both the most powerful and the weakest of the entire set.   Regardless of the Centurial set's ability as weapons, their rarity, as well as their unique, Sheikah aesthetic, has caused weapons and artifact collectors everywhere to demand the set for their collections, particularly the claymore and the shield.


A cultural, military artifact from before the Calamity
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Extremely rare
6 lbs
5-foot blade, 5 feet and 5 inches from blade to hilt
Base Price
18,000R on average; highest bid was 27,560R

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