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Greater Hyrule Exchange

The Greater Hyrule Exchange is the central trading hub that facilitates trade between nearly every country/kingdom as well as nearly every region in the land, While it is Hylian-controlled, nearly every race can be found within its walls, and lowly merchant and industry leader alike find it advantageous to business here. While it was once destroyed in the Calamity, it came back in full force in 003 E.C. and has done nothing but grow in size and influence since. It is also home to the Kingdom Bank's main branch, the largest and most reliable bank in all of Hyrule, even among non-Hylians.


~200 Hylians
10 Sheikah
6 Gerudo
3 Rito
2 Goron

Industry & Trade

As an exchange, the GHE is first and foremost a trading hub. All official trading between The Kingdom of New Hyrule and other sovereignties are done either here or the Maritta Exchange, but mostly here. For example, the Gerudo heavily trade their bronze, gold, pottery, jewelry, embroidery, and clothing here to the point where some jokingly refer to the GHE as the "Gerudo-Hyrule Exchange". The GHE also covers the Necluda and Faron regions, as well as Goron Country and the Zora Kingdom and receives an influx of merchants and traders from these places daily.   The permanent residents who live in the GHE exclusively work within the settlement to keep business and trade running smoothly. The men and women who call it their home are the bankers, tellers, auditors, auctioneers, inspectors, accountants, moderators, counselors, and secretaries that run GHE and therefore the financial well-being of the Hylian kingdom, and they all take their jobs extremely seriously. When you come to the Greater Hyrule Exchange, you come for business, and no one who does so leaves unsatisfied with the service.
Outpost / Base
~221 permanent residents/workers
Owning Organization

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