The Elder's Journal

The Elder's Journal is a series of dictated documentations of the Elder Gheforis's memories, both recent and ancient. There's not much he remembers about his life before being entombed, forgetting more and more of it with each day passing. So he, on the recommendation of Queen La, hoped to the idea of keeping a record of it.
  Though the ever written pages of The Elder's Journal is considered one book, it is made of hundreds of volumes. These volumes are stored in a chamber in Ivaomuz used for solely that purpose. Only those who the Elder Gheforis allows are able to read it.
  As the Elder Gheforis is frail and unable to write himself, he has a scribe dictate his ramblings. He has it written with little care for dates, only that one thing happened before or after another. It is up to his attendants to put the new volume he had written in the proper place within the timeline.
  The Elder Gheforis remembers many things happening in far flung regions of the land. From what Queen La to the south and Efoth to the north were doing in their private chambers to pirates in the west and peoples cowering in their homes from enormous sandstorms to the east. All of these are, or will be, recorded within the pages, as the book is still being written, and will be for the foreseeable future.
  He first records anything that he can remember of his past, then goes to write about things he experience in his present or recent past. Many old memories he is unable to recall on command. But sometimes something happens to him or that he sees that triggers an old memory to resurface. The further back the entry is in history, the less coherent and more fractured the memory. The Elder Gheforis has lost his memory of things far enough back. He has no recollection of ever being entombed, only that he was.
  The book is highly influential due to how many historical records are kept within the pages. Not everything is absolutely true, Some scholars speculate its authenticity. Some ramblings within the pages are not as their records tell. Many chalk it up to how faulty memory can be, and why should the Elder Gheforis's be any different, especially because of how much he has forgotten anyways. Yet despite this, that there is so much written about so many things that are indeed true, there must be some credence to the older entries of kingdoms, peoples, and ideals lost to time. The book is also well known because its writer is so well known. He is the ancient once god who brought two warring empires, peoples, species to peace.
  The famed book has spawned numerous sayings and cultural memes. It is said that if someone wants an answer to the past, that they would find it within the pages of The Elder's Journal. It also led to the popularization of the phrase: "beyond record." This phrase meaning something happening that is beyond the books pages, something happening either so far away, so insignificant, or so far in the past that the volumes to not tell of its happening. records


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