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The End And it's Many Faces

A doomed book written for science and knowledge used for evil and banned by the good.


A scholar whose name has been purged from history was granted doomed knowledge from the Void and its gods prompting his desire for more about the eldritch culminating in the creation of this book which acts like a guide and primer for everything to do with the Void.

Document Structure

Publication Status


Legal status

It is banned everywhere by the Grey Cowls on pain of death and book will be destroyed in its entirety.

Historical Details


The Incursion of Iliaes happened soon after and was destroyed and tuned into a massive prison city by the Grey Cowls to contain the forbidden knowledge. With only about 200 people escaping from the population 10 000 with a single copy of the book.

Public Reaction

Public as a whole does not know of the book with original in the possession of the Grey Cowls and copies held in secret.


The book laid down the foundation for the worship of the Dark Gods and the uses of the Void where previously completely unknown and has become the hallmark book of understanding the eldritch concept that is the Void.

Manual, Magical / Occult
Authoring Date
It was written some time around 600 AF

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