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Seeking Truth: A Journey of find Faith

It was never expected that a person who just writes of their journey to seek peace would be the means or the pebble that started something bigger.


It is a story of a person journal towards seeking truth on a personal level of faith. One that took in the aspects of all the various 'non-standard' religions, meaning Buddhism, Shamanism, Great Spirit, the lesser but just as vital to person who practice them as the ones in the more organised religions.

Document Structure

Publication Status

It is a popular book that is recommended to many who are unsure of what faith is, what to believe or even just curious as to what other ways there are to practice a faith. It has so far never gone out of print

Historical Details


The Book was just a person who travelled on journey looking at the religions of Earth and seeing the valid even as they were now exploring space, and it was an aspect of human worship of god, the creator of all, the Great Spirit, a belief of something greater than themselves. The author kept out any identifiers of gender, they were just a human, a person seeking to find an answer that wasn't being answered by the organised religion at least not fully, as there were aspects that felt right but just didn't fit.


The book was put out by a small publishing house, that saw it worth being put in E-print. None of them expected it to become a sensation that started a movement, yet it did and the publishing house is now one of the main publishers of enlightenment journey as well as simply good stories that many of the others dismiss. Only a few have made as big splash as this one.

Public Reaction

It was a quiet reaction to begin with, as many dismissed the book though those who read did encourage their friends to read it. It was when it started to be read by those who were unhappy with the choice that was developing from the organised religions Judaism, Roman Catholic, and others, who were coming under the one banner of The Temple. This did not suit all people. In this book they found another path, one just as old as the other claimed, though some claim it is older than them. Yet it was a message that they resonated and people saw a need to a third choice in practicing their faith. The Seeking Path grew out of those who found felt called to a different path than the ones offered.


This book is credited with the saving and development of the sanctuaries that many who choose the Seeking Pathways, which is not an organised religion that is the Temple and Monastic Orders, who see that humans need a connection to nature, to the world around them, that is often found through understanding of themselves first so they then able to understand and accept the uniqueness of all others. It is a legacy of tolerations and acceptance of all the colours, the manifestations of life that is around them, and an acceptance of failure, achievement and goodness still existing.

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