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Dragon knight

The most popular book known in the world is dragon knight series. A lot of people like it and is well known through the four countries. It has right know three hundred and fifty books and seems like it has a while to go to be finished. The story is about a person that is special and has three companions one a wizard the next a sword fighter and lastly a dragon. They are going on a journey to kill zorlof the powerful wizard that killed the main characters father and lives in he west mountains. Each character is unique in very different ways. The sword fighter is quiet fierce and quick. The wizard is chatty wise and very calm. The dragon is hard to work with strong and ignorant.The three companies teach the main character magic, sword fighting, history, and dragon powers. It is wrote by negus the blue dragon it has been sold in all four countries and almost all the libraries in the world. Negus said that he loves the series with all his heart and will try every thing to keep it going. It started seventy years ago and is still popular around the world. It started out little and then grew bigger and bigger people cant believe that it is still going this long. Grandparents really like it and enjoy it. In some schools they study it in class and read it. It is competing against another series called dragon king it is kind of a boring book that talks about meetings and winning fights with just talking. There is a special day of the year that people meet all across the globe to talk to negus the wrighter.


The purpose the wrighter wanted was to inspire others and to entertain people of all ages.
Text, Literature

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