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The Holy Book of Devishtari

by ChaosTearKitsune

Mina sat beside the newest Priest of Devishtari, the two of them in Mina's quarters as the new initiate hadn't gotten their room set up quite yet.   "Now, this is my copy, it's quite old..." The fae murmured, looking toward her guest.   The priest started with wide eyes. They were human, with plain brown hair pulled back into a long braid. Their skin was olive, and they looked dwarfed in the robes that were required for them to wear, though they would learn to hold themselves properly in time.   Mina smiled weakly at him as he looked at the book, hesitantly reaching out to touch its weathered leather spine. "This is the Holy Novel of Devishtari. There are some things you'll need to know if you want to be stationed at a temple... And you'll learn it in time. You'll even have one of your own, Alexander."   Alexander looked unsure, but nodded. "I have an idea of what I should know, but... Can I look this over?"   Mina motioned for him to sit closer, as she opened up the weathered copy that had served her well over the years...


The Holy Book of Devishtari (And the Holy Words of the Elements), often shortened to The Holy Novel, is a book created many years ago. It has been used as a way for the common folk to feel close to Devishtari and attempt to follow words that may please Her and her emissaries.

Document Structure


Table of Contents

    Instructions for Holy Servants

Historical Details


The Holy Book of Devishtari is the main novel speaking of Devishtari's supposed teachings, creation myths, and more. This version is from before The Bloodkeeper-Human War. Revisions have been made to copies after the war to include mythos of Silence and The Creation of Silence.


All Holy Priestesses and Priests are required to read the novel in its entirety. If they are a Devotee of a specific temple, they may be permitted to learn only of their God's teaching.
Manuscript, Religious
Available in many forms, though most commonly printed on paper.
Publicly Available

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