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The Bloodkeeper-Human War

We Both Bleed Red....

The Beginning


He Said she Said

  Both sides of the Bloodkeeper-Human conflict blame the other for the incident resulting in the deaths of a human child and a bloodkeeper child. It is hard to get straight facts from either parties, due to the amount of time that has passed, bigotry on either side, and the fact that bloodkeepers have since been hunted down for their involvement in the war.   The historical entries about the war simplify it as much as possible, and depending on who the book was written by, either vilify the humans, or bloodkeepers. However more often than not, the bloodkeepers are the ones suffering the negative stigma of written literature about the event.  
"[...] Bloodkeepers are known as the instigators of the war, with the slaughtering of a young human child. Humans were well within their own land, and were attacked without provocation. [...] Their taste for blood knew no bounds during the three year bloodbath that was the Human-Bloodkeeper war.
— A section of a human novel discussing the war.
"[...] Humans often state that the death of a human child was the cause of the war. In truth, a bloodkeeper child, unused to territory lines, had come close to a human child[...] Adults called him a demon and slaughtered him. [...] What we did was for justice. The humans chose to be full of bloodlust instead of understanding."
— Bloodkeeper tome, discussing the start of the war.
Regardless of who started the conflict, there is one thing that is known for sure: bloodkeepers appeared to crave human blood. Having previously only consumed small amounts of blood from their kills and used it in rituals, instead they now appeared to relish in the blood being spilled. Bloodkeepers begin to attack and hunt humans eagerly. Their cultural and ritualistic drinking of blood has seemed to spiral out of control at the taste of human blood.   While bloodkeepers flourish in the initial blood bath, humans lose steam. Their attempts at fighting back were sloppy due to panic. A plan was then made. If the bloodkeepers woudn't stop and realize their mistake, then there was only one thing to do. Exterminate them. Young and old, it didn't matter. They were beasts, pests, and would be treated as such.  


  Neither group back down from each others' throats, and the fighting begins to stall out. Deaths on either side are rampant, but the humans have a plan to finally end the menace that is the bloodkeeper population.   If they can't fight the fast healing, feral creatures...Well they would just have to starve them out, ruin their homes.  

A Shift in Power

"We were herded like animals," A slightly-grey furred bloodkeeper mumbled, her hazel eyes distant as she speaks into the small recorder. "I remember. Forests burned...Homes set ablaze. Our food supplies poisoned." Her ears flicked back, a soft sigh leaving her lips. Her hand raises up to her face, heavy scarring along her nose and left cheek where she has no fur. "If you didn't relent, you were slaughtered...If you managed to get out, you were lucky." The bloodkeeper scoffs, thinking of something. "Well. Maybe not lucky...I'm done for now. You can come back another time."
— Audio of an elder bloodkeeper recorded for a school project
  There are plenty of rumors surrounding the even that caused the war to end. It is full of mystery-- some say that the bloodkeepers' will simply shattered at all the lost, that humans pushed them to their breaking point and were just better than them.   Others claim that their leaders, their Esteemed Ones were meeting to discuss battle plans, and that they disappeared--never seen again. It had tribes pulling back, leading to the loss of the war on the bloodkeeper side.

The Conflict


  • Bloodkeepers pushed farther into forests, away from human settlements
  • Bloodkeepers become wary of any human interaction
  • Both species recover slowly from heavy loss of numbers


  • Bloodkeepers considered a national risk to humans
  • Bloodkeeper population dips as humans aim to hunt them down and remove them from Juptmou entirely
  • Human on bloodkeeper violence rises
  • Bloodkeepers denounce Devishtari and begin to worship Silence
  • Humans push for bloodkeepers to be sectioned off in a single part of Juptmou forest
  • Other humans push for preservation due to humans' near extinction of Juptmou's forest bloodkeepers
Included Conflicts
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Ending Date
200~ Before Present Day
Conflict Result
Heavy casualties for both sides; Humans eventually 'prevail'.




~1500 Beings
~2000 Beings


~500 Beings
~800 Beings


  • Survival
  • Hold Territory
  • Avenge "Unjust" Death
  • Avenge "Unjust" Death
  • Eradicate Bloodkeepers

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Aug 26, 2018 00:39

This article does a good job at presenting the outlook of both sides, it makes one wonder what the humans might have done what will never be revealed. It also makes me curious who of the two acted in the right, both? only the bloodkeepers who seem to tell the longer story? May just be me being sceptical of racist humans. Good article!

Aug 26, 2018 05:21 by Terry-Lynn L

Thank you! I definitely wanted to portray that in war, sometimes no one can remember who the original instigator was. I wanted both to feel like they were in the right.

Aug 26, 2018 01:53

While the article itself is very well made, it doesn't link to any other articles that further elaborates on information this main article can't. I'm especially curious to learn about the bloodkeeper: biology, culture, why they are called bloodkeepers (and not something even more on the nose), etc.

Aug 26, 2018 05:24 by Terry-Lynn L

I realized as I read your comment that while I linked to Esteemed Oneswhich is part of their culture (hopefully that link works.... This is my first time using WA bb code to link stuff) and The creation of their god, that I had actually forgotten to put in a link for bloodkeepers and humans! Thank you for pointing that out; I've gone back and edited in a few links so that people can peruse that, and I may even add image links in a 'recommended reading' side bar in case people don't realize some of the words are links.

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It's the cover image which caught my attention the most, interesting and I'd like to learn more about why it has that elemental boarder around it. Is that a bloodkeeper there? Why are they called that anyway? I would like to learn more about them and the humans. Nice use of images and bars/boxes to break up the text.

Aug 26, 2018 05:27 by Terry-Lynn L

Thank you! I do my best to make my cover images interesting as possible. As for the border, it's a representation of the elements of magic/the world and can be seen in brief in my Introduction to Isidoro article.   It is a bloodkeeper, yep! After some people have pointed out, I've added text links to bloodkeepers and humans within the article for people to click on and go to further reading. Thank you for the feedback!