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Maximilian Hoherberg von Zottehal’s History of the Known World

The noted scholar Maximilian Hoherberg von Zottehal has compiled what is thought to be the most comprehensive history of the nations of Turoza, alongside recording a variety of interesting facts, anecdotes and traditional practices of the peoples and places he came across during his research trips to the various parts of Turoza.


The main purpose of the document is to relate the rises, falls and fluctuations of the various kingdoms, tribes and nations that exist on the continent of Turoza, with the aim of ensuring that historical events were not forgotten, or manipulated so that they are remembered in a false or misleading way to what passed in the actual events.

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As a native of the Dukedom of Zottehal, located in the The Mountain Principalities, Maximilian Hoherberg von Zottehal grew up in a world where information about what led to the political turmoil of the Mountain Principalities in the present day was confused, misrepresented and frequently conflicted with what people in the other Dukedoms, Baronies and City States of the Felsspitze Mountains were being taught.   This led Maximilian Hoherberg von Zottehal to research, curate and collate what was the true narrative of the downfall of the Old Kingdom of Reinhart, how the Kingdom had emerged in the first place, and how the micro nations that exist in its place have grown, flourished and in many cases, perished. After years of painstaking academic work, Maximilian Hoherberg von Zottehal had pieced together a narrative that was accepted by the majority of other scholars in Turoza as being factually consistent and mostly correct.   This scholarly achievement sparked Maximilian Hoherberg von Zottehal's interest in history and historiography, and was the beginning of his odyssey to record the histories of all of Turoza's political entities.
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