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Felsspitze Mountains

One of the central geographical features of the old Kingdom of Reinhart, it is after the Felsspitze Mountains that the collective name for the patchwork of micro-nations, the Mountain Principalities is derived. The Felsspitze mountains are scarred with deep valleys, many of which have evolved into their own independent nations, and some mountain valleys are so effectively cut off from the rest of the area, that no-one knows whether people still survive there. All mountain dwellers know that the weather can change dramatically, with little warning, and the Felsspitze are no exception. Even in the height of summer, snow storms can still appear out of nowhere.


The slopes of the Felsspitze Mountains are on the whole incredibly steep, which means that the tree line in this mountain range is much lower, as with the dramatic increase in altitude, the availability of deep, decent soil drops radically. The mountain valleys, particularly if they are habited are often carpeted with a thick lush grass that is ideal for the raising of cattle, which is one of the staple livlihoods in the region. Equally, large herds of goats are put out to graze above the tree line, as they are hardy enough to survive the colder temperatures, and can digest the coarse stubbly grass and heather, which is all that grows on the top of the Felsspitze Mountains.


  • The Mountain Principalities

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