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The Felsspitze Lowlands

Once the southern border of the Kingdom of Reinhart, the Felsspitze Lowlands is a large area of scrubland that skirts around the foothills and mountains of the Felsspitze proper. The area is rather densely covered in low bushes and shrubs, along with a variety of tall grasses, which are very prone to the outbreak of wildfire. The Dukedom of Flache-Ebene, who claim the vast majority of the Lowlands as their territory, has brought areas of the Lowlands under control for the use of grazing by cattle.


The Lowlands are much lower in altitude and much flatter than the foothills and mountain ranges of the Felsspitze Mountains to the north, and the southern area of the Lowlands flows rather seamlessly into the grasslands of northern @Dazscor. The area is carpeted by a layer of shrubs, tall grasses and small trees that cover the landscape as far as the eye can see. This covering of shrubland is only broken in the lowlands where a settlement has been built, where the land has been cleared for arable agriculture, or to provide better grazing for livestock such as cattle, or where an area has been destroyed in a wildfire.   Wildfires are common in the Felsspitze Lowlands, thanks to the density of the foliage and the much smaller amount of rainfall that the region receives compared to the lands to the north and south. The shrubland plants that have taken root in the Lowlands, are specifically adapted to cope with being ravaged by wildfire, and have even adjusted their growth and reproductive patterns to take advantage of the lack of cover and competition from other plants caused by the destruction wrought by a wildfire.
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