River Zeitlupe

A small, slow flowing river that flows down a hanging valley that adjoins the much larger Tafelland Valley, and then flows into the Wildwasser River.


he River Zeitlupe, unlike the nearby Wildwasser is much shallower and slower flowing. It flows from a spring set several miles back in the Felsspitze from the Tafelland Valley, and then follows the floor of a small hanging valley down towards the main valley proper. The hanging valley that the Zeitlupe flows down is so small, that it has no name, and is universally known as the Zeitlupe River Valley whenever the need arises to directly reference it. So small is this valley, that the River Zeitlupe takes up nearly the entire floor, leaving little room for anything other than outcrops of heather that cling to the valley’s sides.   Where the Zeitlupe’s hanging valley meets the main valley proper there is a drop of about 65ft down to the floor of the Tafelland, this has led to the creation of the Brüllend Falls, and its large plunge pool and lake. From the waterfall, the Zeitlupe meanders its way across the Tafelland valley floor until it meets and flows into the much faster Wildwasser river. The confluence of the Zeitlupe and the Wildwasser has allowed for the formation of the wetland area, known as The Sumpf.
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