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Kreis Plateau

Located right at the heart of the Felsspitze Mountains, the Kreis Plateau is a large, open area of flat land at the top of the Tafelland Valley, surrounded on all sides by the tallest of the Felsspitze Mountains’ peaks. This area presents a harsh environment in which to live, but it is still claimed and populated by the people of the Dukedom of Eisenbrook.


The Kreis Plateau is an area of tableland that is predominantly flat and broadly sits on the same elevation. The rough shape of the Plateau is that of a misshapen circle, bordered on all sides by the peaks of the Felsspitze Mountains, save for where the upper entrance of the Tafelland Valley exits the Plateau and snakes down to the mountain’s foothills far below. The whole of the Kreis Plateau is bisected by the Wildwasser River, whose source lies in the southern mountains that line the Plateau. In addition, there is a much smaller river that runs from the north-eastern mountains and flows into the Wildwasser, the Eisenbrook, after which the Dukedom has been named. The middle of the Plateau sits slightly lower than the rest of the Plateau, and this has allowed a pine forest, known as The Hoherwald to grow in the shelter of the shallow valley that has been created in the Plateau. Although it seems mostly natural, the people of Eisenbrook believe that the reason the Hoherwald forest has been able to grow is that it is protected by magic emanating from the centre of the trees.

Fauna & Flora

On the face of it, the Kreis Plateau is a rather barren and hostile area of tundra, carpeted by a layer of hardy, coarse grass, but on closer inspection, the area is home to a number of different species, not least the humanoid population of the Dukedom of Eisenbrook. Hardy pastoral animals such as sheep, goats, yaks and aurochs thrive relatively well on the Plateau, though they are preyed upon by the large population of wolves and wargs that live on the Plateau and in the surrounding mountains.
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