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The Sumpf

Where the River Zeitlupe flows into the Wildwasser River, the large, triangular area of land to the north-east is so waterlogged that an area of marshland has formed over the millennia that the two rivers have been flowing into one another. The people of the Barony of Hohensten, have been unable to reclaim the land of the Sumpf for building an agriculture, though they have tried many times to drain the marshland. However, the low elevation of the area makes draining the area an incredibly hard task, especially given the limited resources and engineering knowledge of Hohensten’s inhabitants.   In addition, the Sumpf is rumoured to be a refuge for all sorts of malign creatures, who would prey on those who would stray too near. It is also known that a Hag, known simply as Hulda, has been resident in the Sumpf for many generations. Hohenites, including members of the baronial house, who have summoned up enough courage to seek her out, have gone to consult her, and buy magical favours or curses from her.


The Sumpf is a vast network of small streams and pools that stretches out like a spider’s web in the area north-east of the confluence of the Wildwasser and Zeitlupe rivers. From above, the Sumpf is roughly triangular in shape, as it stretches out from the meeting point of the rivers, until the land is no longer waterlogged enough to sustain the marsh ecosystem, or is good enough for the cultivation of crops, or the natural seeding of trees. The network of waterways in the Sumpf is obscured by huge meadows of tall grasses, rushes and reeds that restrict the vision of those who enter it, and provide ample hiding spaces and hunting grounds for the creatures that dwell within. Here and there small areas of higher ground can be found in the Sumpf and often these areas act as islands in the wetland, and have small outcrops of trees clinging to them.
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