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Broken Peak Mount

In the upper region of the Tafelland Valley, the unnatural silhouette of Broken Peak Mount can be seen for miles when looking up or down the valley. What was originally one of the largest peaks in the area, the summit and southern side of Broken Peak Mount now has the appearance of a giant crater, as if the side of the mountain has exploded out into the valley around. No one knows precisely what happened to Broken Peak Mount, whether it was a natural or unnatural phenomenon that caused its unique shape. A local legend has grown up within the Barony of Hohensten, within whose borders the mount sits, that the side of the mountain was destroyed during an epic battle between the Storm Giant, Ludgera, and the Black Dragon Arnwulf.


The southern slope of Broken Peak Mount looks as if the whole side of the mountain has been roughly scooped out and then flung across the valley floor below. On closer inspection, the smooth crater of the mount is much more jagged in profile, with sharp ridges around the crater’s edge. The valley floor below is covered in a thick, often impassable layer of broken rock and boulders that stretches nearly the entire way between the foot of the mountain and the shore of the Wildwasser River. This scree slope is so immense that it has been used to mark the border between the Barony of Hohensten and the Dukedom of Eisenbrook beyond.
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