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Finster Woods

A small forest that sits between the southern bank of the Wildwasser River and the Felsspitze Mountains in the Barony of Hohensten, the Finster Woods effectively cuts off the south-western and south-eastern areas of the Barony from one another. The Finster Woods are by no means impassable and there are numerous trails that wind their way through the trees, but in reality it only tends to be experienced woodsmen and game hunters that enter the wood, as one never knows what creatures may have strayed down from the mountain peaks to seek prey in the shadow of the wood.


The Finster Woods are primarily made up of coniferous trees, the majority of which are tall straight pine trees. Many of these trees are packed very closely against one another, meaning that there is little undergrowth to speak of, though a traveller moving through the woods will have to push their way through the broad lower branches of the trees. There are numerous clearings in the Finster Woods, the vast majority of which have been created through the activities of the woodcutters who live in the village of Leipfurt on the Wood’s western border. The tall straight nature of the trees makes them ideally suited to the creation of planks for building, and Leipfurt’s woodcutters regularly venture deep into the Woods seeking out the tallest straightest trees to cut down. Where the woodcutters have removed trees, the cleared land is claimed by the hardy mountain heather that blankets the plains and lower mountain slopes across the Tafelland Valley.
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