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Wildwasser River

Running the entire length of the Tafelland Valley and down into the The Felsspitze Lowlands, the Wildwasser River has its source high up in the mountains that surround the Kreis Plateau and its mouth on the north west coast of the Dreki Sea, making it one of the longest rivers to cut through the Felsspitze Mountains. Because of its sheer length, the Wildwasser acts as the southern border between the Mountain Principalities and the Kingdom of Dazscor and Aramore.   The Wildwasser has an incredibly strong current and it is rightly respected and feared by those that live near it, as many careless souls have lost their lives in its fast flowing waters. This is especially true in Springtime, as the flow of the river is augmented by meltwater from the mountains. In addition, numerous smaller rivers from the smaller adjoining valleys and hanging valleys that line the Tafelland Valley feed into the Wildwasser, further increasing the amount of water it contains and the strength of its current. Despite the fast flow of its waters, the Wildwasser is full of life, with large stocks of fish up and down its length all year round. Equally, the fast flow of the water means that it is incredibly clear and very cold.
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