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Dreki Sea

A large body of water that forms an inland sea in the central-east of Turoza, the Dreki Sea is the largest body of freshwater in the whole of the continent. The Dreki Sea is bordered by the southern states of the Mountain Principalities to the north, including the Duchy of Flache-Ebene, the Countship of Salzten, the Earldom of Tourstel and the Dukedom of Zottehal, and is bordered on its other shorelines by Korinthos to the east, the Kingdom of Sharisar to the south and the Kingdom of Dazscor and Aramore to the west. This concentration of nations around its waters means that the Dreki Sea is a hub for trade moving around the central-northern region of Turoza, which has led to tensions in the past, particularly given the emergence of Korinthos in the region, and the increase in the presence of warships belonging to the Kingdom of Dazscor and Aramore, as they move to ‘protect’ their trading interests in the area.


The Dreki Sea is a body of freshwater, though its immense size has led to it being given the descriptive of ‘sea’ rather than ‘lake’. On the whole the waters of the Dreki are quite shallow, averaging out at around 19ft/6m, though this does vary across the area, with the middle of the sea dipping down to a greater depth. Because of the shallowness of the waters, most of the trade that is conducted over its waters is carried out by very shallow ships, or flat bottomed barges, as ships with a larger draft risk getting stuck on the sea’s sandy bottom and shores. Several large rivers drain into the Dreki Sea, including the Wildwasser River, which helps to keep the water level of the Dreki stable throughout the year. The shores of the Dreki Sea are surrounded by a strip of land, ranging from less than a quarter of a mile, to about a mile in thickness that acts as a floodplain for the Sea, which undergoes a regular seasonal expansion in the spring, when rivers such as the Wildwasser dump extra melt waters, in addition to their normal flow into the sea. There are a small number of islands, most of which are off the immediate coast and are scarcely worth commenting on. The largest island, is Samotiri, which sits fairly centrally within the waters of the Dreki, and which was once an independent nation in its own right, though a devastating cataclysm, long since passed, has meant that the island has ceased to be habited, and that it may even be uninhabitable.

Fauna & Flora

The waters of the Dreki Sea supports an abundance of flora and fauna, and its shallow waters provide the ideal growing environment for different species of aquatic plant, with large groves of freshwater plants beneath the surface of the water, and large areas of water lilies, which form their leaves into huge floating rafts of foliage, the largest of which can be nearly a mile across. The Dreki Sea has large fish stocks, including an abundant population of several species of sturgeon, that are fished both for their meat and the large, high quality supplies of caviar they produce.

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