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Eriveh Bay

The far north-west coast of Castar is a long expanse of sweeping golden sand that stretches as far as the eye can see. This area, Eriveh Bay, is an ideal spot for ships to shelter in during bad weather, or anchor to try and resupply in the middle of their voyages. As Eriveh Bay is located along one of the major shipping routes moving up and down the west coast of Turoza, the frequent maritime traffic often draws those who want to take advantage of the shipping to the bay. There are numerous hidden sandbars beneath the water, which gives bandits and other creatures who are looking to prey on the shipping plenty of opportunities to lure unsuspecting ships into an ambush, or into accidentally beaching themselves. As a result, the sandy beach of Eriveh Bay has the skeletons of numerous ships slowly rotting away amongst the sands and shallows.


For the most part, the wide sweeping sands of the beach that stretch for miles and miles along the north-west coast of Castar define Eriveh Bay’s geography. Between the mostly flat area of the beach and the land proper beyond is a network of sand dunes, formed by the frequent battering of the winds rolling off the Ocean of Memaran. In some places, these dunes would be the size of a three or four story house, making them ideal look out and potential ambush points over the coast and beach below. Here and there, the shoreline cuts further inland, and has been able to wear away the soil and bedrock of the land proper. This often results in the formation of sea caves, as the relentless power of the Ocean of Memaran pummels the shoreline.
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